I am a total foodie....

Dining out, dining in, endless food talk, I love it all. I am a cookbook addict and they pile up all around my house and next to my bed. My love for cooking has no real boundaries, but my absolute passion is baking.

I do food styling for print, online and television. I write recipes, culinary scripts and formats, I translate recipes to Dutch (from English, Italian and French), I check translations of cook books on culinary consistency and correctness and I provide culinary consultancy on cooking videos of all kinds (how to's, step by step cooking, stop motion, food hacks).



AllerHande, Kosmos Publishers, Savory, Heel Holland Bakt, Libelle, Bertolli, Fontaine Publishers, Carbonell, NRC Handelsblad, RijkZwaan, Happinez, Modifast, Lassie, Beemster Kaas, Dr. Oetker, KFC


photography credits

Sven Benjamins, José van Riele, Rob van der Vet, Alan Jensen, Harold Pereira

Martine Steenstra